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Aercon AAC - aerated autoclaved concrete blocks and panels (chart image) There is an installation guide here.

Airkrete - environmentally safe and non-toxic insulation. Free of CFC's & Formaldehyde. Mold and pest resistant. Completely fills ALL cavities including door and window casings.R-Value of 3.9 per inch (at temperature of 75ºF and density of 2.07 lbs per cubic foot). Made from Magnesium Oxide (MGO), a refractory cement.

California Lightweight Pumice - makes precast lightweight pumice blocks, and VAC-LITE, a pumice aggregate for use in poured concrete.

Climatecrete - aerated steel-reinforced concrete panel; not autoclaved; also, can be poured.

Cresco Concrete Products, LLC - Liteblok™ is an aerated, molded concrete block. It is uniquely processed by introducing a non-toxic foaming agent into regular concrete leaving numerous tiny discrete air pockets within the material. Liteblok™ has high insulation values, is fireproof and termite resistant; it is not autoclaved.

Ductal - a revolutionary ultra-high performance material that possesses a unique combination of superior properties including strength, ductility, durability and enhanced aesthetics.

E-Crete - aerated autoclaved concrete; product line includes blocks from 4 to 16 inches wide; O-blocks for vertical reinforcement; U-blocks for horizontal reinforcement.

FlexCrete - fiber-reinforced aerated concrete; not autoclaved; an aerated concrete that is cured at lower temperatures and ambient pressure, eliminating the need for an energy intensive autoclave.

Hempcrete - made from renewable UK grown hemp based materials; hemp fiber is mixed with lime, cement, and sand. A range of Hempcrete blocks are under development.

NEOPOR System - Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC). As conventional concrete and prefab plants may be used to produce CLC, the only investment would be for the inexpensive foam generator and the foaming agent. Neofiber is based on a swiss patent for producing a polypropylene fiber to be used to eliminate or reduce shrinkage in concrete.

SafeCrete - produces, buys, and sells autoclaved aerated concrete. AAC walls are energy efficient, fire resistant, sound absorbant, and weather resistant. SafeCrete blocks are available in a number of different sizes and configurations.

Solarcrete - an structural insulated concrete composite wall panel system. The standard Solarcrete insulated concrete wall is 12" thick. This includes 7 1/4" of EPS foam and 2 3/8" fiber reinforced shotcrete on both sides of the foam. This wall assembly provides an R-value of 36. More information on the FAQ page.

General Information:

Carbonation of Concrete - Normal carbonation results in a decrease of the porosity making the carbonated paste stronger. Carbonation is therefore an advantage in non-reinforced concrete.

European AAC Association - promotes the interests of producers of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) across all of Europe; members operate more than 100 production sites in 17 countries producing around 20 million m3 of AAC per year. From this quantity about 400.000 homes can be built.

Roman Concrete Research - This site is dedicated to understanding the beauty and longevity of construction by the Romans, especially their use of pozzolan based concrete, also known as Roman concrete.

Structure Magazine: The Road to Code Acceptance for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

ToolBase.org: summary of AAC

Understanding-Cement.com: AAC

Your Home Technical Manual: Excellent overview of AAC

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