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Apps - cyptocurrency apps for your smart phone (Android or iPhone)

Blockchain Explorers - see what's happening on a number of different public ledgers

Books - hardcover, paperback, and ebooks on the world of cryptocurrency

Charts - online charts with information from exchanges and currencies

Coins - websites on each type of crypto; official sites as well as others

Crypto Start Page - one fast-loading page with the most useful links

     Exchanges - the top cryptocurrency trading exchanges from around the world

Gear - crypto-themed hats, shirts, mugs, and various accessories.

ICOs - Initial Coin Offerings, DICOs, Airdrops, and any similar mass distribution.

Legal - online resources on the fast-changing legal landscape of crypto

Mining - sites, software, and hardware for mining cryptocurrencies

Newest Listings - the latest additions to this directory in all categories

     News - crypto news sites and online magazines; analysis and opinion

Podcasts - crypto talk shows, discussion, and audio-only instruction

Quantum-Secure - blockchain technology that is designed to be resistant to quantum computers.

Software - any type of cryptocurrency-related software products

Stable Coins - current and planned stable coins and related projects

Videos - instructional videos on anything and everything crypto

Wallets - online, software, and hardware types; use with caution or not at all

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