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----- Cryptocurrencies striving to be Quantum Secure -----

    Cryptocurrencies that may be Quantum-Secure:
We can't be sure until quantum supremacy is acheived, and maybe not even then.

DapCash () - no chart
Not released yet. The first resistant to quantum computers crypto currencies platform with different coins, rapid, secure and full anonymous transactions.

HyperCash (HC) - chart
formerly Hshare; featuring post-quantum signature technology

IOTA (MIOTA) - chart
quantum-immunity: IOTA utilized a next generation trinary hash function called Curl-p, which is quantum immune (Winternitz signatures)

     Cryptocurrencies that may be Quantum-Secure:

Mochimo (MCM) - chart
uses the EU's PQCryptos approved WOTS+ algorithm and our one time addressing feature

Nexus (NXS) - chart
designed to negate the threat posed by quantum computers. The ledger combines 571-bit private keys, 1024-bit Skein and Keccak quantum-resistant hashing algorithms.

Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) - chart
post-quantum secure blockchain featuring a stateful signature scheme and unparalleled security. This one seems to be the best bet.

     Information on Quantum Computing:

Google News - the latest news stories for a search on "quantum".

Bitcoin-Wiki article: - Quantum Computing and Bitcoin

Forbes article: - Why Quantum Computing's Threat To Bitcoin And Blockchain Is A Long Way Off

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